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Alongside the books for which he is now best-known, George Clarke Musgrave produced a wide-ranging portfolio of articles, reports, letters and essays on many subjects. He also kept diaries with records of his day-to-day experiences and used these as source material to provide the fine detail so easily missed when viewing the broader sweep of subject matter for his other works. Unfortunately many of his diaries have been lost, damaged or destroyed and there is no longer a complete collection available. From those that do remain, though, we are collating his notes into a collection of dated records. We are still working on a number of his diaries so this is a work in progress and, for now, we hope that you enjoy the following selection.

  • Diary Notes .. October 1899
  • Diary Notes .. November 1899
  • Diary Notes .. December 1899
  • Diary Notes .. January 1900
  • Diary Notes .. February 1900
  • Diary Notes .. Jun-Aug 1914
  • Diary Notes .. Aug-Sep 1914
  • Diary Notes .. October 1914
  • Diary Notes .. November 1914
  • Diary Notes .. December 1914
  • Diary Notes .. January 1915
  • Diary Notes .. February 1915

More diary notes coming soon ...

Each of these diary notes is available for download as an MS Word document or a PDF file .. the choice is yours.

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