News icon April 2019 
28: Diary Notes for December 1914 added
12: Diary Notes for October and November 1914 added
08: Corrected a number of dates on Timeline page
06: Redesigned Timeline page on tandem site at GeorgeClarkeMusgrave.com
05: User feedback about some page rendering issues - checked coding and css and resolved one minor issue
04: Two new sets of MS word and PDF downloads covering the outbreak of the Great War added to "The Diaries" section
03: New Twitter accounts for @WarsandWords and @GeorgeCMusgrave set up
02: First live reader downloads recorded
01: Final site testing and upload completed - no further issues found

March 2019 
30: Continued mapping of tandem site - some navigation issues resolved
29: Mapping started against tandem site at GeorgeClarkeMusgrave.com to ensure continuity and cross-navigation
28: Site tested by four independent users for function and user-friendliness - some suggestions received and implemented
27: Tested anti-spam and security functions on all forms - no issues found
25: Usability with tablets and mobile platforms tested and site listing with search engines completed
24: Some minor coding and lay-out issues rectified
23: Site upload completed and on-line testing started
22: Upload of complete site to hosting platform scheduled
21: Final testing of donation systems and protocols scheduled
20: Final testing of download forms and pages scheduled
19: Final phase of website testing scheduled
18: Completed upload of all MS word, PDF and epub files - some minor issues resolved
16: Continued final testing of HTML coding on all web pages
15: Testing all forms and download pages - no issues found
14: Identified and resolved a number of issues causing conflict between the "http" and "https" protocols. All pages on website are now fully secure
13: Initial upload of website to begin on-line testing. Completed sitemap and authentication protocols
12: All completed MS Word, PDF and epub files checked for upload to appropriate website directory locations. Several minor typing and coding errors fixed
11: Donation system set up and tested - coding applied to all download pages
10: Prepared front cover graphics for all books and added to MS Word and PDF upload files
08: Completed manuscript for final book: Wars and Words. Prepared MS word and PDF files and stored these ready for upload
07: Decision made to set up donation system for downloads from website with suggested contribution of £1 per download
03: Started second phase of off-line website testing with third-party users.

February 2019
28: Following cost review of 24th, decision made to make no charges at present time. All downloads will be free until at least July 2019 when there will be a further review
26: Completed first phase of off-line website testing - several minor coding errors fixed
24: Reviewed set-up and running costs for website and hosting pending decision re: charging for registration / downloads
22: Prepared manuscripts for third batch of two essays.
15: Completed manuscript for sixth book: Cuba - Land of Opportunity. Prepared MS word, PDF and epub files and stored these ready for upload.
14: Collated diary notes for period June-August 1914
05: Recovered diary notes for period June-August 1914 and started ordering these
03: Completed first draft of website and started testing for continuity

January 2019
30: Prepared manuscripts for second batch of five essays.
29: Completed manuscript for fifth book: Under Four Flags for France. Prepared MS word, PDF and epub files and stored these ready for upload.
27: Created website directory structures, upload protocols and file permissions. Uploaded diary notes and essays to appropriate site locations
26: Confirmed design of website and started construction of individual pages, together with sitemap.
24: Completed manuscript for fourth book: The Peking Legations from available diaries, notes, reports, photographs and briefing records.
20: Collated diary notes for: January and February 1900 - stored ready for upload to new site.
14: Developed first draft of website and structured site-plan to include all elements
07: Completed manuscript for third book: In South Africa with Buller. Prepared MS word, PDF and epub files and stored these ready for upload.
05: Registered domain names and set up hosting packages
04: Reviewed costs and quotations and decided to register with VirtualServers.com

December 2018
17: Arranged various company costings and quotations for domain names, hosting and e-mail etc, together with support and maintenance contract
09: Collated diary notes for: October, November and December 1899 - stored ready for upload to new site
04: Completed manuscripts for first two books: To Kumassi with Scott and Under three Flags in Cuba . Prepared MS word, PDF and epub files and stored these ready for upload.

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